Civil Liability in Maritime Transport

It covers Civil Liability to damage inflicted upon barges, vessels or ports during port activities.

It is an insurance coverage that meets the commercial needs of our varied types of customers, including:

  1. Dockers.
  2. Wharfingers.
  3. Shipping Operators and Port Authorities.
  4. Industrial Ports.
  5. Shipbuilders & Shiprepairers.
  6. Fuel Suppliers.
  7. Vessel Charterers.
  8. Marine Contractors in general.
  9. Pilotos / prácticos.

It provides insurance coverage for marine terminals of all kinds (TEUs, bulk cargo, piece goods, project, motor vehicles, passangers, flammables etc.).

  1. Damage to vessels and ships, including cargo.
  2. Consequential losses Pérdidas consecuenciales sobrevivientes y estadías.
  3. Physical Injuries.
  4. Removal of Debris.
  5. Accidental and Sudden Pollution.
  6. Damage to cargo and/or property of third parties, including the cargo under the care, the custody and in control of the insured.

Incluyendo extensiones por:

  1. Entrega equivocada de carga.
  2. Responsabilidad civil por incendio.
  3. Multas y penalidades.
  4. Errores de Asesoramiento e información.
  5. Violación de derechos personales.

Autoridades portuarias y personales:

  1. Mala Señalización / balizamiento.
  2. Falta de mantenimiento de calado.

Provisión de pilotos y prácticos.