Data Protection

The loss of information that occurs in companies has affected over 500 millions of people in the last three years, causing financial losses running to millions, as well as administrative sanctions. That is why this important means of protection came about. This cover will protect you, including but not limited to, against personal data liability, corporate data, data security (virus, theft of access codes, data breach and data change), defense spending, website extorsion, and business disruption.

It is a comprehensive solution that protects businesses and private individuals with a business acumen handling personal data to face the consequences for data loss and cybercrimes.

We cover:

  • Personal data liability: It covers any loss arising from a breach of personal information (unauthorized use or access to the insured’s computer system).
  • Corporate data liability: It covers any loss arising from a breach of corporate information (public disclosure of confidential information such as a third party corporate secrecy, budgets, customer base, stock portfolio, marketing plans or any other information that if disclosed may be advantageous to the competition).
  • Liability for subcontracted companies: It covers losses arising from a breach of personal information with a claim on a subcontracted company.
  • Liability for data security: It covers losses for acts of error or omission (data contamination of a third party, virus / inappropriate or wrongful denial of data access rights of an authorized third party / theft of access codes / destruction, change, corruption, damage or deletion of data. / Disclosure of data as a result of a breach of data security).
  • Inquiries: It covers the fees, costs and expenses incurred by the insured due to an inquiry or an investigation.
  • Administrative penalty: Administrative sanctions (fines and administrative sanctions issued by INAI) that society is required to pay in connection with an inquiry or investigation.
  • Restitución de la imagen de la sociedad y/o personal: Professional fees, costs and expenses incurred by the insured in seeking advice from a public relations consultant in order to alleviate the reputational damage caused.
  • Notification & monitoring. Notification and monitoring costs in case of a breach of personal information or data security happenig for the first time.
  • Electronic data: Costs and expenses incurred owing to a breach o data security designed to determine if electronic data can be recovered, collected, or retrieved.

Grupo Nuño ® is aware of the information value and the responsibility this entails with customers, suppliers and individuals in general, as well as the heavy losses a leakage of information would mean to those involved.