Funds Insurance

Private equity funds are entities seeking to invest in companies with high growth potential or expansion. It is intended to cover management, professional services, work practices, stock market claims, fiduciary obligations and business portfolio management, as well as exit strategies.

We cover:

  • Company Administration Liability: Compensation will be payable for loss in improper corporate acts (act, error or omission arising from working duties as an advisor, a director, or an external advisor).
  • External Entities and Portfolio Management Liability: Any loss arising from an improper corporate act against any advisor from an independent institution.
  • Professional Civil Liability: Any losses arising from all profesional misconduct (any act, error or omission in the performance of investment advice services).
  • Labor Acts Liability: It covers losses resulting from wrongful labor acts (unfair dismissal, advertising or false accusations against the employee, unjustified refusal to promotion, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, retaliation during the employment relationship, negative evaluation of employee).
  • Company’s Stock Market Liability: It covers losses arising from inappropriate corporate acts.
  • Spouse’s Liability: Protection over any claim against the insured person’s spouse due to any wrongdoing (Corporate, professional, or career misconduct).
  • Heirs, estate, and legal representatives: These entities will be protected against in the event of the death of the insured person.
  • Appeareance at hearings: Any fee or cost incurred for inquiries carried out by any relevant authority shall be indemnified.

At Grupo Nuño ® we understand the immense responsibility involved in capital management. Allow us to provide you with the proper financial protection so that you channel your energy toward better performance and better results.