Insurance Fraud (CRIME)

It protects against losses incurred as a result of fraud or dishonest act by any employee or third parties.

We cover:

  • Fraud or Dishonest Acts: comitted by an employee (acts committed with the intent to cause a loss or obtain financial benefit).
  • Fraudulent Act committed by someone else: acts committed such as signature forgery, fraudulent altering of promise of payment or check to pay an amount of money charged to the account of the insured. Fraudulent use of corporate credit cards, computer theft, transfer of funds (hacking).
  • Legal fees: legal expenses incurred and paid for by the insured in the pursuit of a legal suit, claim, trial or legal process.
  • Use of specialized agents: It covers all expenses incurred by an expert to investigate events giving rise to a covered loss and related amounts.
  • Reconstitution costs: Rewriting costs or modification of software programs or the insured’s computer or information systems, and where necessary, modification of security codes after a covered loss.
  • New Entities: Any company, subsidary company or a newly acquired or constituted associate company by the insured is covered.
  • Pre Loss Consulting Services: The Insured is entitled to the services of a consultant pre-loss.

Why Buy an Insurance

  • 77% of companies have at least suffered from corporate fraud, 46% of which was perpetrated by employees.
  • 2% of the companies found out unlawful acts; they reviewed controls.
  • 86% of casualties and losses are detected until 6 months later.
  • 25% of frauds exceed USD $90,000.
  • 10% of frauds are higher than USD $450,000.
  • 85% are performed by employees at the middle and lower management levels.

At Grupo Nuño® we understand that creating wealth is not a simple matter and that threats posed by fraud are risks we wish to avoid you.