Civil and Environmental Liability

Any commercial or public organization that owns or is associated with property, faces potential environmental liabilities, both for past activities in the workplace or for future operations. This damage can be caused within the insured premises while in operation, during the transortation of hazardous material, in construction sites, or soil removal, among others.

Responsabilidad civil ambiental

This Policy guarantees the protection of overall implications for gradual pollution and/or sudden pollution for the policyholders themselves, as well as third parties.
Included among these coverages are:

  • Damage to Property or Personal Injury.
  • Cleaning and Remediation Costs.
  • Liability for Environmental Contamination.
  • Loss of Use Property Damage and Diminished Value.


Premises Environmental Liabilities

This type of liability insurance covers compensation for damage directly caused by detrimental environamental variations in a given property.

It covers the civil responsibility incurred by the policyholder when he/she causes environmental damage at third-party premises.

  1. Variations in water.
  2. Atmosphere variations.
  3. Variations and Damage to Underground Services.
  4. Damage to Flora and Fauna.
  5. Excessive Noise.

Pollution Legal Liability (PLL)

It covers the owner’s civil liability for pollution in, on, under or migrating from the insured property. It provides the appropriate cleanliness, personal injury or damage on and off the property. It may be complemented with a transit insurance coverage and disposal of waste in ladfill sites.

Contractors Professional Liability (CPL)

It covers the development of new pollution and/or the exacerbation of existing pollution at the customer’s location where the contractor is performing his job.