Transport Insurance

Seguro de transporte – Grupo Nuño

Transport Insurance

Demanding markets like transportation markets require specialized technical support. Grupo Nuño ® provides full coverage, security and trust as you will be insured with an insurance company specialized in the area of transportation.

Our objective is to make good the losses incurred as a consequence of damage to property during its transportation, whether by land, air, sea or a combination thereof (Multimodal Transport), under national and international insurance coverage.

This policy provides coverage against risks associated with movement of goods, from the moment said insured goods are forwarded until delivery to the addressee, both domestically and internationally.

The transport insurance coverage provides protection on all kinds of goods when these are transported from and/or to anywhere in the world.

Products and goods transported for: sales, purchases, distribution, imports, exports, transfers, maintenance, returns, whether it is your property or property under your responsibility, using personally-owned vehicles as well as vehicles from third parties.

Transport Insurance

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