Corporate Social Responsibility Manual


The social inequality that characterizes the context of our country is marked by a growing exclusion of the majority, which generates in companies the need and responsibility to develop tools to strengthen their social skills and contribute to society. Taking into account that GRUPO NUÑO ASESORES EN RISGO SC is ethical, linked by common values, habits and attitudes defined in a mission, the need arises to define policies and procedures that make up the strategic plan for corporate social responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility is defined as “the commitment of companies to contribute to sustainable human development, working with employees, their families, the local community and society in general to improve their quality of life”.

In this sense, a company is considered to be socially responsible when the activities it carries out are aimed at satisfying the needs and expectations of its members, society and those who benefit from its commercial activity, as well as the care and preservation of the environment. The application of this Corporate Social Responsibility Manual brings with it a series of benefits for the company, such as the optimization of labor skills, the loyalty of our employees, customers and suppliers, the positioning of the company, greater profitability, the strengthening of culture and improvement of the organizational climate

II. Objetives

  • a) Present the regulatory and behavioral framework that governs GRUPO NUÑO in its commitment to being a socially responsible company.
  • b) Develop, maintain and enforce the policies and procedures that all personnel linked to the organization must share and adopt to contribute to the quality of life, the well-being of society and the proper exercise of business management.

III. Scope

This Corporate Social Responsibility Manual is a combination of ethical, moral and environmental aspects. The partners, directors and personnel linked to GRUPO NUÑO are responsible for guaranteeing compliance with the policies established in this document. The scope of the actions to be carried out will be exclusively those of promotion and support in the incorporation of aspects related to CSR in business management. The social responsibility of the organization covers internal and external aspects. The internal aspects are oriented to the work team, directors and shareholders, and the external ones to clients, suppliers and the social environment. The following scopes of CSR can be viewed as a concept for the development of the company’s activities: o Social and development scope: GRUPO NUÑO’s CSR policy aims to contribute to society, fulfilling a sense of duty.

Solidarity and equal scope:

La empresa contribuye a la sociedad generando oportunidades de empleo y promoviendo la igualdad entre las personas que laboran dentro de ésta. o Alcance ético y de valores: las pautas de comportamiento de las personas vinculadas a la organización se rigen por los principios y normas establecidas en el Código de Ética, el cual hace énfasis en el trabajo guiado por valores y la ética corporativa que sustenta el proceso de toma de decisiones en la empresa.

The company contributes to society by generating employment opportunities and promoting equality among the people who work within it. o Scope of ethics and values: the behavior guidelines of the people linked to the organization are governed by the principles and standards established in the Code of Ethics, which emphasizes work guided by values and the corporate ethics that underpin the company’s decision-making process.

IV. Updating

The information contained in this manual is open to receive any suggestion or recommendation that strengthens the construction and improvement of the acquired commitment.

V. CSR Management

  1. Management commitment: the management prepares a Corporate Social Responsibility Manual, which defines a firm and clear policy.
  2. Allocation of resources.
  3. Employee Commitment and Involvement: Employees will be associated with and involved in community activities.
  4. Quality of the work environment: the organization provides a work environment in optimal conditions.
  5. Quality of the environment: the organization establishes a system for environmental management.
  6. Ethics: the organization has a Code of Ethics.
  7. Transparency and reports: the organization’s publications and reports are completely transparent and secure.
  8. Control: senior management establishes control procedures in the implementation of the policy, programs and activities for social responsibility and community involvement.
  9. Records and information: the company maintains and preserves documentation related to CSR activities.

VI. Values

The following values are ethical commitments of the company and constitute the basis of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, since they are part of the company’s culture. o Solidarity: promote the collaboration of personal talents and professional experience, to support the growth of the company and its members. o Respect: recognize and accept differences to achieve an exchange of ideas and coexistence in a harmonious environment. o Honesty: achieve the exercise of truth in each of our acts and professional practice, showing coherence and respect for the community. o Responsibility: makie moral or rational decisions that are responsible for one’s own behavior. O Integrity: be consistent between what we do and what we think. o Transparency: act in a visible, clear and open manner. o Loyalty: be faithful to the principles that unite us as a group. o Commitment: be collaborators and have an attitude of service and cooperation.

VII. Employees

GRUPO NUÑO’s policy is aimed at improving the quality of our human talent and increasing its performance. We are aware of the importance of our employees within the organization. This is why we are always generating different ways for workers to participate in the company’s profits and results (performance bonuses, celebrations and raffles). Respect for the worker and his family is another essential aspect. GRUPO NUÑO is a company that is characterized by the good treatment of its employees through flexible hours, approval of justified permits, loans, good work environment and optimal working conditions. Since 2018, an inclusive labor policy has been implemented that seeks to accommodate the population with disabilities in our organization. Our ideal is that there is an adequate balance between work time, rest time and, above all, family time. Likewise, we are committed to the personal and professional development of all personnel linked to the organization. This commitment is reflected through activities aimed at: o Generate training and education spaces that allow them to complement their knowledge in order to improve their productivity. o Promote and increase the educational level of employees, providing them with the necessary conditions, be it financing or flexible hours. o Be fair in the remuneration system for each employee, in accordance with their responsibilities and meeting the requirements stipulated in the Functions Manual.

Affiliate each employee to the Comprehensive Social Security System. o Carry out performance evaluations as a work feedback system and an opportunity for improvement and personal and professional growth.

Encourage teamwork and empower people to make decisions.
Treat people appropriately, respectfully and kindly. o Respect religious beliefs and cultural differences.
Be fair and apply the criteria of equality and equity, according to the Code of Ethics.
Under no circumstances abuse authority and managerial power.
Fairly apply the legal rights of the employee.
Allow the promotion of the company’s employees, under merit systems, previously known to them so that they establish personal goals.
Give due recognition when the employee deserves it.
Do not appropriate the ideas and achievements of other people.
Ensure that the environmental conditions in the workplace are healthy and pleasant, taking care of the distribution of spaces, lighting, temperature, ergonomics and cleanliness.
Provide the necessary and basic implements and tools to perform the work efficiently.

The benefits that the application of this manual has for the employees are the following:
Optimization of their work skills.
Reduction of labor absenteeism and staff turnover. o Improvement of the quality of life and that of their families.
Increased motivation.
Stress reduction.
Improvement of efficiency and organizational climate.
Stimulation of the sense of belonging, achieving greater commitment and responsibility.

Customers and suppliers

The relationships that the company maintains with its customers and suppliers are framed within a culture of respect and information. We offer high quality services, with excellent customer service and totally transparent and open procedures. The benefits of having CSR practices for customers and suppliers can be summarized as follows: o The quality of goods and services is improved. o Satisfaction levels are improved. o Generates loyalty and fidelity of users.

IX. Community

Through the active participation of its members, GRUPO NUÑO affirms its commitment to the community. With this objective, it collaborates in attending to their needs and works together with the most representative institutions. In addition, it carries out important internal and external programs that aim to integrate the company into the community. Within relations with the community are the fields of business philanthropy and social projects.

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