Offering risk management solutions at Logistic Summit & Expo.

Within the framework of the Logistic Summit & Expo Mexico, we will present our portfolio of products, highlighting this March 13 and 14 at the Citibanamex Center.

National transportation insurance: Our objective is to compensate the losses suffered as a consequence of damages that occur to the goods during transportation, in national and international coverage.

Insurance for export products: Protects against possible damages or losses that could be caused to third parties at national and international level.
Environmental Liability: This policy guarantees protection against the general consequences of gradual and/or sudden contamination for the insured parties themselves, as well as for third parties.

Credit insurance: Protects accounts receivable against the risks of prolonged delinquency, legal and de facto insolvency.

Stock throughput – Global policy: Comprises the risks in the manufacturing process, from covering raw materials at source, to delivery to the end customer. Three policies in one; manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and demurrage.

Grupo Nuño has the best agreements and strategic alliances with national and international companies specialized in logistics, consultants, insurance and reinsurance companies, providing guaranteed and first class services.

These are some of the programs that Grupo Nuño offers, however we have a large number of types of products that can help your company. Visit us at booth 1516.

Author: Sabrina Díaz

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