Risks of Transport of Goods in Containers

One of the great advances in the Maritime Transport of Goods in the last 50 years is the use of containers. The ports and ships are now extremely efficient, damage to cargo has been substantially reduced and the so-called “ant robbery” has been controlled. Notwithstanding the foregoing, there is great commercial pressure to recover the enormous investment made in ships, ports and containers deployed throughout the world that can lead to accidents.

Container ships have been involved in collisions, fires, groundings and machinery failures. On many occasions, these incidents are the result of human error, i.e. the duty officer does not monitor the position of the vessels, lack of proper surveillance, insufficient planning of stowage of certain types of cargo and routes and sometimes poor work of the teams approaching ports.

Additionally, lack of training and maintenance can be the cause of machine room failures and fires.


Maritime cargo insurance n particular, Latin America is a region highly vulnerable to natural disasters, which can be of a geological and hydrometeorological nature and represent a threat to life but also to the economy and logistics operations.

It is estimated that more than 10,000 containers are lost annually when they fall from the deck of the ship into the sea, although this number is minimal compared to the number of containers traveling at the same time at sea (approximately 15 million).

+Claims can be caused by:

  • Vessels that travel at high speed in rough waters to meet established schedules.
  • Lack of experience of the crew or, on the other hand, overconfidence of the same when traveling the same route on several occasions.
  • Violent movement of the boat caused by sea conditions.

On the other hand, there is an effect caused by sea conditions known as “Parametric Balance” in which a very steep angle in the ship’s roll is quickly formed in half the natural time. This causes cargo security systems to fail and containers to collapse overboard. It is important to mention that a good ship’s captain could reduce the incidence of these effects.

Seguros para contenedores

With the above we can conclude that in general terms, the use of containers, despite being relatively safe, is still affected by human errors that can result in loss or damage to merchandise and cargo, General Breakdowns and even Theft, this The latter perpetrated on some occasions without violating seals by changing the bolts of the security bars, removing the merchandise and replacing it with material with a similar weight such as sandbags.

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Author: Sabrina Díaz

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