Grupo Nuño at Expo Antad y Alimentaria 2019.

Like every year, the National Association of Self-Service and Department Stores, A.C. in alliance with Alimentaria Exhibitions, will celebrate the 36th edition of Expo Antad & Alimentaria Mexico 2019 at Expo Guadalajara in Jalisco on March 5, 6 and 7, 2019, where Grupo Nuño will have an important participation to provide well-being and security to the business.

Expo Antad 2019 promises a wide business network with 50,000 square meters of exhibition floor, more than 2,200 exhibiting companies, more than 40,000 visitors connecting with different sectors such as Transportation, Pharmacy, Personal Care and Health, Retail Tech, International Pavilion , General Merchandise, Equipment and Internal Supplies, Tasting Rooms, Chef of the Year, Culinary Demonstrations as well as our avant-garde Technical Program of Conferences and Seminars that enrich the growth of the markets.

Grupo Nuño has much to offer for each of these sectors and businesses. We will bring insurance advisors so that attendees can clarify their concerns and find the best option to protect their company from economic losses and, above all, to prevent unexpected leaks that affect the finances and survival of companies.

What does Grupo Nuño offer to the food sector?

The insurance sector has a wide range of products to offer for different types of individual and business needs. There can hardly be a company that insures everything. That is why Grupo Nuño acts as an intermediary to analyze and connect the needs of each company and show the best options for the risks that it wishes to cover.

As a Broker, it offers you a personalized service and advice in all branches to cover those needs. For the food, industrial and retail sector specifically, there are different policies that can help reduce significant losses;

Civil liability for products.

Companies are responsible for damages caused to third parties by those products that they manufacture, market and distribute to end users or to the same placement channel. Any damage caused gives rise to claims or compensation that can turn into millionaire losses that affect the financial stability of the business. RC Products are intended to support the legal expense for these claims in addition to other benefits.

Insurance for transporting perishable products.

Perishable products require special handling, both at origin and at destination. A mistake that causes damage to this cargo can result in serious financial loss. Perishable insurance indemnifies you for risks such as; Deterioration as a result of the storage of products of other classes in the same warehouse/container or exposed to the same refrigeration system, the delay in arrival at destination and the damage caused by it or the risks inherent in cutting the cold chain.

Credit insurance.

Among many of our products focused on merchandise, there is also the option of acquiring credit insurance where you can recover 85 to 90% of your billing on credit from those delinquent customers.

Insurance against fraud and hacking.

Fraud in companies has become stronger, for this the insurance against fraudulent acts supports you financially to face all the processes and investigations that are required when incurring in this incident.

These are some of the programs that Grupo Nuño offers, however we have a large number of types of products that can help your company. Visit us at booth #1776, which is at the entrances that connect the Jalisco room with the International room and tell us about your insurance needs, we will gladly advise you.

Author: Sabrina Díaz

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