Seguro de protección de datos

Data Protection Insurance

Why take out Data Protection Insurance?

What does it cover?

  • Liability for personal data:

    • Any loss arising from the breach of personal information (using or gaining access to the insured’s computer system without authorization) is covered.
  • Liability for corporate data:
    • Any loss arising from breach of corporate information, public disclosure of confidential information as a corporate secret of a third party is covered:
      • Budgets
      • Customer lists
      • Stock & shares Prospectus
      • Marketing plans
      • Any information which, if disclosed, would be advantageous to a competitor.
  • Liability for subcontracted companies:

    • Losses arising from a breach of personal information with a claim to an outsourced company are covered.
  • Data security liability:

    • Losses due to acts of error or omission are covered:
      • Virus contamination of third-party data
      • Inappropriate or erroneous denial of an authorized third party’s data access rights
      • Access code theft
      • Destruction, modification, corruption, damage or deletion of data
      • Disclosure of data as a result of an information security breach
  • Research:
    • Fees, costs and expenses incurred by the insured due to an investigation are covered.
  • Administrative Sanctions:
    • Administrative penalties (fines and administrative sanctions issued by INAI) that the company is obliged to pay in connection with an investigation.
  • Restitution of the company’s image and/or personnel:
    • Fees, costs and expenses incurred by the insured in obtaining advice from a public relations consultant to mitigate reputational damage.
  • Notification and monitoring.
    • Notification and monitoring costs in the event of a breach of personal information or data security that occurs for the first time.
  • Electronic data:
    • Costs and expenses incurred due to a data security breach intended to determine whether electronic data can be restored, reinstated or collected.
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