Grupo Nuño Decalogue

  • 1.- Maintain as a guide for the Company’s actions, our Vision and Mission.
  • 2.- Promote and respect our Values and Business Ethical Principles.
  • 3.- Carry out our activities in accordance with our Principles of Conduct.
  • 4.- Seek customer satisfaction with our lines of insurance and services.
  • 5.- Maintain a professional and respectful relationship with our Suppliers.
  • 6.- Take proper care of and take advantage of the assets and resources of our Company.
  • 7.- Respect the laws, rules and regulations in accordance with the legislation that concerns us.
  • 8.- Avoid establishing relationships that imply conflict of interest, corruption, bribery, and fraud.
  • 9.- Protect the confidential information of our Clients, Suppliers and collaborators. And have the documentation and socioeconomic studies of our employees updated every six months.
  • 10.- Actively participate in the dissemination and compliance with the Code of Ethics.
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