seguro de gastos médicos

My Deductible

My deducible – Grupo Nuño asegura tu deducible

Ensure your Medical Expenses Deductible.



It covers the Major Medical Expense Policy deductible payment. In this way, the assured and/or contracting party further protects his/her economy in the event of an accident or an illness covered by the GMM policy (Primary).


This insurance will cover the deductible amount contracted and stated in the primary insurance policy, provided accident expenses and diseases covered are equal or greater than the deductible amount stipulated on the front cover of the primary policy.

Payment of coverage or indemnization

Payment will be reimbursed by submitting payment of the deductible amount, as well as the copy of the insurance policy and receipt.


  • Disease expenses and accidents covered shall not exceed the deductible amount contracted in the primary policy.
  • Accidents or diseases shall not come from exclusions in the primary policy.

Modes of Entering into a Contract for an Insurance Policy

  • Individual Policy.
  • Recommended when entering or renewing the primary GMM policy.
  • Cash payment or same terms as those in the primary policy.