Ensuring the education and health of thousands of children and young people in Mexico.

Since July 2018, Grupo Nuño joined the CAAAREM Foundation as a monthly donor, with the sole objective of helping Mexican children and youth to cover needs in education and health.

This program helps children in 12 Mexican states to have better conditions and supports them so that in the future they can escape poverty and have a better quality of life.

The Fundación de Agentes Aduanales para la Asistencia Infantil, better known as Fundación CAAAREM, manages its resources based on 3 different models:

If you want more information about this foundation, we invite you to visit their website and contribute your grain of sand.


Let’s boost children and lead them to a future where they can do brilliant things. Reducing the deprivation of our children is in our hands.

Author: Sabrina Díaz

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