Environmental Management Systems in the Logistics Chain

Environmental Management Systems in the Logistics Chain

The implementation of ISO 14001 in the transport sector allows the continuous improvement of environment-related management systems, in order to improve environmental performance and economic profit opportunities.

The main advantages of implementing an Environmental Management System based on the ISO 14001 standard are the following:

Gestión ambiental

The following documents are an essential part of the Environmental Management System:

If we focus a little more on the details, we can obtain many more advantages in its implementation:

To be much more concrete we can define the different advantages in different fields, such as legal, commercialization, marketing, image, investments and environmental costs, production, management.



Improves the differentiation strategies of the products offered by the organization, thus increasing its competition against other organizations that market the same products.




Increases and improves the productive processes carried out in the organization, by improving:


Author: Ing. Armando González, management systems specialist at Grupo Nuño.

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