Main risks in the transport of goods

The transport of goods is key in the supply chain from the supplier to the customer. Within this process, various risks may arise in the different stages, either from loading, during mobilization or unloading at its final destination. The possible damages can be direct, partial or total damage to the merchandise, long delivery times, total loss of cargo; or indirect, as a consequence of the above, such as loss of the company’s image in the sector or loss of work quota (customers).

+ Identification and classification of risks.

In this stage, the origin of the risks, the subjects on which it could be caused and their respective effects are determined. For this, a methodology proposed by a company was used in which the risks-subjects are grouped in principle in groups of subjects and the risks-threats in sources of risk, to then assume the action of the second group on the first.

+Group of subjects:

At this point, all subjects are identified who are in some way exposed to being affected by any event that negatively disturbs them, whether in health, physical or sociological integrity, if it is people; or the damage or partial or total destruction if it is property of the company or third parties.

Each of the assets or subjects involved in the risk situation is classified into a series of groups, which are defined based on the activities carried out by the company. These subjects can be grouped as follows:

+ Sources of risk – threats.

According to different analyzes carried out by various organizations, it has been defined that the various stages of the transport process (loading, mobilization and unloading) are divided into groups as follows:

Derivatives of the transporter vehicle and transport.

Fire, explosion, impact with other vehicles, events generated by inadequate braking and acceleration, oscillation in the curves, vibration, overturning, collapse, falling into the void or from the void, events generated by: engine failure, brake failure, failure of the direction of the vehicle, failure of the tires due to wear, breakdown or breakage of the vehicle parts; events generated by Driver behavior: action, omission, negligence, effects of stress; Cargo handling: effects of improper loading or unloading, improper pushing and pulling, cargo falls.

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  • Derived from external events.

Lightning, floods and storms, collapse and dragging of bridges, earthquake; robbery or robbery, non-delivery, poor state of roads and public highways, explosion or fire in a property, contamination by waste or odors, riot, rebellion, terrorism, riot, civil commotion, acts of strikers.

  • Derived from the nature of the asset mobilized.

Goods without packaging: looting, breakdown.
Nature of the load: breakdown.
Packaging classes: spillage, evaporation, breakdown.

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