The importance of packaging and packing in a shipment.

If the packaging is of poor quality the result is a guaranteed loss.


It is very important that the packing and packaging is adequate according to the nature of the goods, in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards and/or international standards.

+ What is the difference between packaging and packing?

The packaging serves to protect the product or set of products to be exported, during all transfer, transportation and handling operations, so that they reach the consignee without being deteriorated or wasted, since they left the facilities where production or packaging was carried out.

Packaging is an engineered system where products are arranged to move from the production site to the consumption site without damage.

+ What to do before selecting a packaging?

We suggest that you consider what type of protection the product needs; products made of different materials will require protection against different eventualities.

The process of moving the products is one of the most delicate stages, which is why the packing and packaging must guarantee that the product arrives in good condition at its final destination, thus avoiding any damage to the goods.

+ Takes into account the type of transport.

In order to ensure that the packaging and packing is adequate at the time of shipment, you must take into account the following points: mechanical stresses, climatic stresses, biological stresses and chemical stresses. All this so that the load is maneuverable and not damaged.

If your cargo goes inside a container, resistant packaging is the one that facilitates double stowage and will be able to travel by air, land and sea arriving at its destination in the same conditions as it was shipped from origin regardless of the weather.

Loads containing articles of different composition and size must be classified; the heaviest in the first level and stowing the light or fragile ones.

It is important to pay attention to changes in climate and transshipment during the entire transportation process, as these conditions can damage the packaging and in turn the cargo contained therein.

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Author: Sabrina Díaz

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