Tips for buying car insurance

Quoting insurance for your car can be tedious if you don’t do it with the right broker. You have the alternative of contracting the most complete insurance or the one that has a lower cost and that complies with the basic coverages for the car to be authorized to circulate. With these tips you will be able to have the weapons to contract the insurance that suits you best.

If you are going to renew your policy, do it in advance.

To make the renewal process with the same company or to compare benefits in other insurance companies requires time and understanding of the conditions to make the best decision. Check when your policy expires and set a reminder on your cell phone to let you know a month in advance so that you can get advice on the different options offered by insurance companies.

If this is your first time taking out insurance for your car.

Find out about the type of coverage that exists. There are additional coverages that you can contract in your policy, to select them you must take into account whether you use your car for commercial or personal use. There are also coverages for new cars that can be very useful.

In general, insurers handle different packages:

If this is your first time taking out insurance for your car.

The information you need to contract and quote an auto insurance policy is as follows:

Compare prices with the Nuño Group Multicotizer.

There are thousands of insurance companies and each one offers different benefits, even though their basic coverages are standard. Grupo Nuño’s multicotizer will give you the best options in the market according to the cost and the data you capture in them.

Choose the payment period that suits you best.

There are companies that give you the option of paying your policy in a single payment or in monthly installments, regardless of whether you pay by credit card or cash. Choose the option that best suits you and clarify your doubts with the company regarding the payment method.

Now you are ready to choose the insurance company that best suits your needs. If you require more information or the quotation is not clear, please contact Grupo Nuño, we will gladly answer your questions so you can make the best decision;

800 024 9988.

Author: Ing. Armando González, management systems specialist at Grupo Nuño.

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